Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional panels rise vertically then horizontally to rest beneath the garage ceiling. Available either in double skinned foam filled steel panels, or solid wood in a fine range of Georgian panel designs.

  • Minimal headroom required
  • Remote control or manual
  • Coated steel sections, insulated for heat/noise, or solid wood
  • Fine Georgian panel designs
  • Weather-proof control box

Space Saving

As the sections rest below the ceiling of the garage, sectional doors do not take up valuable space and require minimum head clearance above the door opening. As the door doesn't swing out in front of the garage you can park right up the door.

Security Guaranteed

Heavy duty steel tracks and adjustable safety brackets are provided for greater protection and the standard door security kit effectively locks the closed garage door through the guide rail of the operator.

Versatile ~ can be fit to any space

As the roller fits behind the garage opening it is suitable for any door shape.

Door Controls ~ Remote or Manual

Remote Control - The remote control console, with slow start/stop, enables you to open the doors from the convenience and security of your car. Security key switches, internal switches and multi-channel hand switches are also available.

Manual - Torsion springs counterbalance the weight and ensure a smooth and easy action when the door is operated manually.

Safety ~ User Friendly Garage Doors

Finger trap protection techniques are effective on both the inside and outside of the doors to avoid the danger of personal injury.

For garage doors up to 5.5 meters wide and 3 meters high.

Finish ~ Choose from a range to suit your home

Sectional doors are available either in solid wood or a wide range of insulated steel. Exterior surfaces are protected from corrosion by several layers of coatings while insulated panels provide protection against the effects of excess heat and noise.

5 years on door, 2 years on motor.