Round Corner Garage Doors

Round the Corner Garage Doors

RUNDUM 'MEIR "Round the Corner' DOORS
Perhaps the Rolls-Royce of the range, available either in solid timber or insulated aluminum panels, the Rundum Meir Round-the-Corner Door combines the functions of both garage door and entrance with maximum security, safety and ease of operation. Fitted on runners top and bottom, the doors run smoothly, as the name suggests, around-the-corner. Even children and the elderly find these doors easy and safe to handle. There are no springs, no drop bars, no projecting swing and no risk of inadvertent dropping.

Ideal For Listed Buildings

These doors are often used on listed (gradeII) or modern buildings. The side opening sectional door offers superb visual and technical solutions.

Because of the optional double timber insulation and fittings that require little or no maintenance, this door offers brilliant design solutions that are ideal in everyday life. Exclusive boarding and panelling options means that you can refine your design to your requirements.

Space Saving

The doors slide back around the walls to give maximum garage space. As the door doesn't swing out in front of the garage you can park right up the door.


Should an unauthorised attempt be made to open the garage door, the door drive operator activates and creates a counter force.


Comprising vertical sections fitted to top rollers and bottom track these doors can run around corners and can even follow the contours of a curved garage entrance.

Controls - Remote or Manual

The door operator is fitted with the latest in electronic controls with a 2-channel manual transmitter. Included is a push button on the door and a micro key-operated switch integrated into the lock. A powerful self-locking electric motor guarantees a soft start and soft stop operation. Partial opening of the door can also be pre-set to any position.


Ball bearing mounted guide rollers make the doors extra smooth and quiet and can be operated by children or the elderly without danger. No cables, no torsion springs and the door cannot accidentally drop. Finger trap protection further eliminates any danger of personal injury. Fitted internal emergency release.


All doors are made-to-measure and can accommodate virtually any size of garage.


Weather-resistant, low-maintenance, corrosion-free stove enamel finish makes it virtually scratch resistant. Foam packed CFC-free thermal insulation.


Five colours. White, brown, moss green, silver, wood-grain brown.