At JLG we offer gate automation as well as gate installation. We are suppliers of the BFT gate automation systems, which offers a range of solutions depending on what type of gate it is you wish to automate.

Swing Gate Systems

Electro-Mechanical equipment is mainly used for residential entrances and drives that are not busy throughout the day.

Electro-hydraulic equipment is generally used for a higher duty cycle use and is better for busy entrances and prestige gates. Our hydraulic gate operators are fully serviceable and, if properly maintained, will give many years of reliable service.

Post mounted operators (Mechanical & Hydraulic) these are fixed to agate post and a sturdy cross member of the gate. It is important that they are fitted to specific measurements in relation to the gate hinge.

Our friendly staff will happily give you advice about these types of automation, and arrange for an onsite assessment to insure you get the right type of automation for your needs.

Sliding Gate Systems

Sliding gates offer a number of advantages over swing gates and are generally the more popular choice

A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open. This leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles and is useful where space is restricted.

A closed sliding gate offers better resistance to being forced than a pair of swing gates and therefore higher security. Sliding gates will work across an upward sloping driveway where a pair of swing gates would not open inwards.

No gate too big or too small…we’ve supplied many large cantilever and tracked sliding gates to protect commercial premises.

Our skilled fabricators love a challenge, so feel free to think outside the box. Nothing is too ‘weird and wonderful’.

Here are some examples